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Alfa Romeo C43 F1 Show Car


1979 Abarth Formula 2000 - SOLD

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A runner, the car is something of a mystery, apparently being produced for an Italian spec
series by the venerable tuning concern Abarth. Full of lovely alloy castings ranging from the suspension
rockers to the engine and even the pedals it would be a fascinating addition to any Abarth collection,
or perhaps still has opportunities for competition in Italy. We would appreciate information about the
car and series from one of our Italian viewers or anyone else who might have more information on what is
for us an intriguing oddity.


none available

Competition History



  • Fiat Abarth 2 litre
  • transversely mounted
  • dual downdraught Webers (44DCNF)
  • Abarth exhaust system
Fuel System

  • fuel cell
  • electric pump
Oil/Water System

  • front water rad
  • rear Chanson oil cooler
Electrical System

  • Magnetti-Marelli electrics
  • alternator
  • new battery

  • fibreglass, read, good condition

  • apparently a paneled spaceframe, however the center section may be a monocoque, perhaps of steel
  • tbd
  • top rocker, lower wishbone
  • top rocker, lower longitudinal and transverse links
  • rack and pinion
  • 4 wheel disk, outboard
  • Abarth Speedline modular, Pirelli Corsa tires

  • fire system
  • restraints
  • Veglia instruments
  • Abarth steering wheel

  • none