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1965 Elva MkVIII BMW Sports Racer - SOLD

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Subsequent to its purchase by the current owner in 1998 a full restoration was completed to aquire its
original specification. Prior to the restoration the vehicle was stored without use for 28 years.
Currently, after 2 years of restoration work, the vehicle is in perfect condition and has participated
in several races finishing among the top five. The vehicle is professionaly mantained and checked after
each race.


Originaly brought to the Canary islands by Robert Spencer.
1966 Bought by Robert Spencer.
1969-98 Kept in a garage without use.
1998 Bought by Jose Miguel Garcia Dominguez.
1998 (June) – 1999 (April) Restoration.
1999-Today Actively being raced.

Competition History

Has competed in 8 events finishing among the top 5. No accidents.


  • BMW M3 2.3 litre 16v (new)
  • 255bhp
  • Bosch Centralite fuel injection (chip tuned)
  • Sparco Ceramic Clutch
  • Girling 625 Clutch
Fuel System

  • ATL Fuel Cell (FIA approved)
  • Fuel Capacity 20 litres
  • Fuel required: Super (leaded)/compatible with other fuel types
Oil/Water System

  • Water Radiator located on left side of vehicle (behind air intake)
  • Oil radiator located on right side of vehicle (behind air intake)
Electrical System

  • BMW Ignition system without alternator (new)
  • New battery
  • Programable Disconnector w/warning light (memory, rpm override)
  • OMP Automatic extinguishing system (interior & exterior, FIA approved)
  • Water, battery, oil temp. & preassure readings

  • Fibre and kevlar reinforced
  • Painted Ferrari red, excellent condition

  • Tubular construction (Original)
  • Original Monroe suspension (Damping and height adjustable)
  • original
  • original
  • Competition steering (Rack & pinion)
  • Galfer carbon brake pads
  • Original set 10x13 inch (rear), 8x13 inch (front)
  • tbd

  • OMP removable steering wheel
  • Sabelt 6 point security harness (FIA approved)

  • 3 sets of wheels (1 of them original)
  • Replacement set Gotti 13x13 inch (rear), 10x13 inch (front)
  • Replacement set Minilite 10x13 inch (rear), 9x13 inch (front)
  • Original replacements unused: rearview mirrors, fuel cell, head lights, steering wheel, etc.