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1970 Lola T-200 Formula Ford - SOLD

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Lola Cars has become one of the most widely respected names in motorsports. The T-200
is the first of seven designs which have been pivotal in the development of
Formula Ford around the world. The relatively short wheelbase T-200 was new for 1970. Followed
in consequetive years by evolutionary models T-202 and T-204. The T-200 is considered
in the top rank of Historic chassis. A typical innovative Broadley design, it also
featured Lola's excellent standard of construction. It is one of the first Formula Fords
to feature fabricated uprights.


not known

Competition History

SCCA Club Ford


  • Ford "Kent" 1600
  • uprated carb and manifold, engine believed to be uprated also
  • dry sump
  • a new rad is provided with the car

  • glassfibre, new bodywork is provided with the car

  • mild steel spaceframe of primarily square tube
  • dual wishbones
  • lower reversed wishbone, top link, dual trailing arms
  • rack and pinion
  • disc, Girling calipers
  • steel wheels correct for Historics

  • new dash panel is provided with the car