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2015 Chevy Camaro

2015 Factory New Camaro SS; Street Legal Track Ready LS3, 6.2L, Rated 575 RWHP



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Complete Atlantic Setup plug and play

Build by Jim Higgs of JB Performance in Florida for a customer who raced it in FA last raced in Sebring back in 04 if I remember correctly I have got paperwork to back up some history of this particular engine ie emails to and from engine



Race Cars

IMSA Greenwood Wide Body Corvette

Raced from 2001- 2012 in VARA, HSRW , SVRA, HSR, Raced as A/P, Group 6, and Historic IMSA groups. Always a front runner. One of the finest C3 Corvette race chassis in the U.S. In 2013, Lance Smith in his San Diego race shop, transformed



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1999 Chevy Camaro Z28

1999 Z28 Camaro Road Racer includes custom trailer, parts car and tons of spares



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2005 Opel GT fiberglass body 1/8th bracket car, Chevy powered

Car was built by Ken Deckman and RaceKrafters Auto Machine out of Lancaster, PA. Ken Deckman was well known in the drag racing community. Prior to this, Ken had campaigned Corvettes and Camaros with a fair degree of success including his Z28 which h



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Mazda RX7 GT2/GT3 club racer

Custom made by Ken Muth (Ultramotive) in 1998, totally refurbished in 2014, raced competitively in SCCA and ICSCC mainly in the Northwest. Several class championships and local track records.



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Rob Dysons Historic IMSA GTO Pontiac Firebird

Built in early 1983 by Chassis Dynamics to meet the new IMSA GTO rules of the day. Rob Dyson raced this car in both IMSA and SCCA Trans Am series from 1983 thru 1985. It competed in many of the early GTO races of that era. It has b