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1972 MG B GT V8

MGB GT V8 Vintage Race Car, Very Fast, dependable, well known, with many wins in Group 8 and 6



Race Cars

One of three Barber Saab Pro Series race cars known to still exist.

This car competed in the Barber Saab Pro Series for several years starting in the first season in 1986. It was turned into a "roller" of a show car used to promote the racing series during the last couple seasons of the series. The chassis' of all Ba



Transporters & Motorhomes

'04 ATC Signature Series Stacker Trailer for your toys!

This trailer has been to Willow Springs (CA), Buttonwillow (CA), Fontana (CA) and Pahrump (NV)and trailers nicely with the V front. The length is 26', height is 10' and the width is 8'5".



Race Cars

1969 Lola T190

This LOLA T190 is in excellent condition. It was driven by Mike Hailwood in 1970.



Race Cars


The Lucchini brand was one of the most important company in the 80/90 period. This car wins a several races in the first 4 years until the 1992. From that time was in a private Museum and just a few years ago re-start in the completion un