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The Lucchini brand was one of the most important company in the 80/90 period. This car wins a several races in the first 4 years until the 1992. From that time was in a private Museum and just a few years ago re-start in the completion un



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Beautiful reliable ready to run sports racer

Rebuilt in England by Chevron Cars. Imported and raced by Ed Swart. Purchased by Larry Kessler and maintained by Lee Chapman Racing. The car has appeared at most major U.S. historic racing events over more than 20 years includin



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Licensed Continuation Duntov Corvette Grand Sport

Originally built in 2011 for a collector, it was traded-in with less than 10 miles on the odometer in 2015 for another Duntov Grand Sport. For the last year it has been used sparingly as a demonstrator by Duntov personnel. With less than 100 miles o



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1988 Corvette historic Trans-Am racecar, completely restored.

The car was built to run the 1988 Trans-Am race in Dallas where it finished seventh overall. After that race it was fitted with a Protofab carbon fiber / Kevlar and fiberglass body. It next raced in a few SCCA Nationals in 1994, then stored again b