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1961 Abarth 1000 GT Bialbero Twin Cam Competition Roller - SOLD

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One of two exciting "barn finds" from Mexico City, this car was purchased from Carlo Abarth by Ricardo Rodriguez. The owner believes this is possibly one of the first prototypes of the 1000 GT due to the fact that it has uncovered front headlights and no grille. This was a factory competition model with rollover bar fitted, quarter windows which did not open, black bucket seats, and no bumpers. Not to be confused with a Monomille, this was a twincam car.


This car was purchased from Abarth by Ricardo Rodriguez during the 1961 racing season and imported to Mexico. The original invoice from Abarth to Ricardo Rodriguez accompanies the car. The car participated in the Costa a Costa, Mexico - Cuenavaca, the Presedential, and other races at the Mexico City track. The car was raced by Ricardo Rodriguez, Eduardo Baptista, Fredy Van Beuren, and others in Mexico.Engine
  • missing engine

  • original all aluminum Abarth body
  • original competition rollover bar, rear quarter windows do not open

  • 4 wheel Girling discs
  • elektron 135-13

  • black bucket seats

  • spare elektron wheel 135-13