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Alfa Romeo C43 F1 Show Car


1968 Alexis Mk15 Formula Ford - SOLD

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This car underwent a complete restoration 2 years ago, it has not competed since.


The owner states that this car spent many years in storage prior to his purchase, he proceeded to go through
a complete restoration including frame check, brakes, plumbing, wiring, and engine rebuild.

Competition History

Competition history includes Bridgehampton, various Pocono circuits, Flemington, and Thompson. The owner won
a pole with the car and raced many times to second and third place finishes against cars twenty years newer.


  • 1968 Ford Cortina GT 1.6 L
  • fresh rebuild
  • stock clutch
Fuel System

  • original fuel cell behind seat
Oil/Water System

  • original radiator located in front nose cone
Electrical System

  • rewired during restoration

  • lightweight fiberglass three piece body
  • black paint

  • multi tubular space frame

  • double a-arm, coil over
  • top link, lower reversed a-arm, dual trailing links, coil over
  • rack and pinion
  • disc all around
  • steel-black
  • approx 950 lbs

  • excellent condition including hand stitched Alexis seat
  • new belts, Smiths gauges

  • 3 year old 20' enclosed trailer w/work bench
  • newly molded nose cone-unfinished
  • new sliks and misc. parts