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1977 Lola T440 Formula Ford - SOLD

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This Club Ford has only 4 hours since a complete restoration. It is certainly a contender
for the title of nicest Lola Club Ford in the country. The restoration work is detailed in the
technical specs below.


The 1976/77 Lola T-440 was built in response to America's request for "something more
technically advanced" according to Lola sales manager Mike Blanchet. It was based on the T-340
but featured long engine/gearbox spacers and a further forward center of gravity.

Competition History

This car has only four hours of use since restoration.


  • Ford "Kent" 1600 uprated
  • Dave Freitas Racing prepared
  • completely new components, block, crank, rods, pistons
  • Bosch distributor
  • 3.5 hours on build
  • new standard clutch
Fuel System

  • new carb, manifold
  • new throttle cable
Oil/Water System

  • new hoses (blue)
  • aluminum oil and water tanks
Electrical System

  • new gel cell
  • color coded loom

  • fibreglass, black paint is mint

  • multitubular spaceframe, gray powder coated
  • motor mounts nickel plated
  • new Bilsteins
  • rocker, all suspension pieces nickel plated
  • top link, lower wishbone, dual trailing rods,
  • proprietary rack
  • new Lookheed calipers and pads, new Girling masters, new flex lines
  • new Revolutions with Goodyear sitckers

  • new guages (oil/water)
  • new tach cable
  • new red Alpha D steering wheel
  • new fibreglass seat with removable leatherette cover
  • new red Simpson 5 point belts

  • set new Revolutions with Goodyear stickers
  • pad set
  • gel cell
  • radios available at extra cost