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1978 Lola T-540 Formula Ford - SOLD

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A very well prepared and setup Club Ford, it was last raced one year ago and won it's class.
Everything on the car is current for an SCCA annual inspection. The car looks better and is set up
better than most Club Fords. It is complete save for gearsets, a starter, and battery. Add these
and go racing.


Following the non-success of the T-440 Formula Ford, Lola debuted a new 540 (and 540E for Europe)
in 1977. One of the most popular Lola designs for the formula, it features a stiff and sturdy frame
(unique for Lola fords) and is one of the few narrow track designs which seemed to work on US slicks.
The narrow track gave it a low frontal area and excellent straight-line speed. The design remained
viable for four years until the 640 debuted in 1982.

Competition History

last raced one year ago


  • Ford Kent 1600
  • uprated head and carb
  • Curtis Farley header
  • good running, oil pressure good
  • not much known beyond that
Fuel System

  • fuel cell current
Oil/Water System

  • new water rad
  • rear mounted oil cooler
Electrical System

  • no battery

  • fibreglass, cowling in good condition, nose in fair condition
  • spare show quality body

  • multitubular space frame, very good condition save for one ugly but strong brazing repair
    on radius rod pickup (shown in photo)
  • Bilsteins
  • double wishbone, coil over
  • top link, lower reversed a-arm, dual radius rods, coil over
  • proprietary rack
  • 4 wheel disc
  • Revolutions

  • 6 point TRW harness
  • removable steering wheel
  • brake bias adjuster
  • fire system

  • spare block with motor bits
  • original nose subframe
  • misc heim joints
  • complete spare body with nose (new)
  • all setup info
  • all history records
  • gear reduction motor