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1992 Chevy GT-1 Camaro - SOLD

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This Trans/Am, IMSA, Canada GT Challenge Cup car is complete with many spares, it is race ready and in excellent condition.


Raced in the Trans-Am for 3 races (Mosport, Cleveland and Detroit) with original owner Murray Edwards (1990). The car was then sold to
current owner, and raced in IMSA S1 class at Halifax and Mosport with drivers Dave Smith and John Nicholson (1995).

Competition History


  • SBC 372 C.I.
  • Bowtie block
  • 670 hp w/dyno records
  • BG Demon RS 775 CFM carb
  • Edelbrock Victor High Torque intake manifold
  • 18 deg. GM heads (NASCAR Truck) 12:1 comp ratio
  • Howe headers w/high temp coating
  • Tilton 7 1/4" triple disc clutch,
  • built by A&J Automotive
Fuel System

  • 32 gal. Fuel Safe cell
  • internal surge tank
  • (2) Holley electric fuel pumps
  • uses 110 octane unleaded or leaded fuel
  • dry break filling system w/filler
Oil/Water System

  • Howe aluminum radiator, Stewart stage 3 water pump
  • Fluidyne oil-to-water heat exchanger
  • Weaver Bros. 4 stage dry sump pump, 2 pan scavenge stages, 1 valley scavenge stage, 1 pressure stage
  • aircraft oil filter on return line
  • 16 quart aluminum tank w/sight & built in heater
Electrical System

  • small Mitsubishi alternator
  • double MSD ignition
  • 7AL box w/Pro Power coil
  • 6AL box w/Blaster coil
  • coil selector switch
  • box selector switch
  • adj. height MSD dist.

  • 92 Camaro Kevlar body
  • Lexan Mar Gaurd windshield

  • underslung perimeter chassis, steel DOM tubing
  • Penske double adj. w/remote reservoirs, dyno graphs included
  • double A-arm, all 4130 rod ends & spherical bearings
  • Watts link mounted under rear end, 3 link setup w/long 3rd link, 5 position cockpit adjustable sway bar, dual blade design.
  • Sweet rack & ram, Wilwood pump & servo, system has cooler behind radiator
  • 4 Piston Alcon LS front, 13" x 1 3/8" floating rotors with cooling ducts. 4 piston Bicknell 3000 series rear (w/thermolock pistons), 13" x 1 3/8" floating rotors. Tilton swing pedals and master cylinders
  • (2) sets polished aluminum 12x16 frnt, 14x16 rear, 1 set non polished aluminum same dim. used w/wide 5 to 5x5 Billet aluminum adapter plates
  • 2580 less driver & fuel

  • 10 lb. on board Halon 1211 fire system w/fuel cell, cockpit, & engine nozzles
  • cool suit system: ice water system, quick release vest w/upper body & head cooling, uses impeller water pump & ice chest
  • 6 point Leaf bolt in belts, new for 2000
  • Kirkey layback seat w/head rest & RH head support

  • extensive spares list available upon request